YAĞMAKSAN CORPORATION; in the activities of “Production of Various Mechanical Components oriented to Metal Cutting for Automotive, Machinery and Other Industries”,

Using developing and up-to-date technologies, providing services and products that meet customer expectations by exceeding are comprise the basis of YAGMAKSAN's sense of quality. The main principles of Quality Policy have been determined in line with the basic practices in our quality assurance system which enables this understanding to turn into a competitive power.

  • Manufacturing at World and European standards,
  • By applying the quality system appropriately; adopting the philosophy of not producing faulty parts and carrying out high-efficiency production that will lead all production processes to the “zero defect” target,
  • By working in full harmony and cooperation with our customers, to identify the needs and expectations of the customer, to offer solutions, to fulfill,
  • Supporting the continuity of customer satisfaction through after-sales activities,
  • Reducing our costs by increasing production efficiency and to reflect this to our customers,
  • Working by taking data-based decisions in all processes, to follow and apply new technologies and quality techniques for continuous improvement,
  • Being responsible for quality with all our employees as a team,
  • Increasing our production skills and technical competencies through continuous training,
  • Ensuring that our suppliers always take part in our quality improvement process through training and supervision in line with the understanding of enhancing while developing as an integral part of our quality organization.


YAĞMAKSAN; undertakes to improve the quality of products and services in line with the demands of our customers, by establishing management systems in accordance with the applicable requirements of TS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems and IATF 16949:2016 Automotive Quality Management Systems standards and legal requirements, by continuously reviewing and improving the policies and ensuring that they are understood by communicating them to employees.

YAĞMAKSAN; employees and management staff are loyal to the following policy principles:

  • To develop value-added products and services,
  • To put customer satisfaction at the focal point of its field of activity by keeping it at the highest level,
  • To protect professional ethics and moral principles,
  • Creating an efficient and safe workplace and working conditions for employees,
  • Raising awareness among employees about their contribution to the process and ensuring team spirit,
  • Reducing the costs of all processes and using resources efficiently,
  • Strengthen and protect brand image,
  • Ensuring the continuity of products and services,
  • Comply with the expectations and laws of relevant parties,
  • Set measurable goals,
  • Ensuring that all employees internalize company values and creating permanent values of the work culture,
  • To continuously generate new ideas and projects.

The established Quality and Automotive Policy is made available to the relevant parties.