Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Policy

YAĞMAKSAN accepts human as the most valuable asset in all its activities and adopts as a priority business target to minimize any loss that may occur by creating a safer and healthier working environment.

As a requirement of this policy, it has established the following basic principles:

  • To comply with all national laws and regulations related to occupational health and safety issues, to act in accordance with international standards,
  • To get under control risks related to Occupational Health and Safety with a systematic approach, to provide continuous improvement in Occupational Health and Safety issues with the principle of continuous development,
  • To evaluate the effects of new products, facilities and processes in terms of Occupational Health and Safety in the projecting stage,
  • To minimize the accidents, by getting under control the risk of occupational accidents with the participation of employees,
  • Developing methods to minimize material and moral losses in the event of emergency cases or an any accident that can be occured while working,
  • Training employees on occupational health and safety issues for success and continuous improvement. Providing the necessary equipment in terms of occupational health and safety,

The success of working conditions and occupational safety management is based on having individual and community safety awareness. Everyone is responsible for ensuring their own safety by using the necessary safety equipment, by following the rules and by contributing to the prevention of risks.

There are no work accidents that cannot be prevented if necessary precautions are taken. Physical security and being healthy is the most natural right of our employees. Security is a way of behavior. We must adopt behaving safely as a way of life both in and outside the company and apply it in every area of life.

“Production in a safe environment and under suitable working conditions is an indispensable element of achieving the goals of quality, profitability and growth.”