Environment and Climate Change Policy

As YAĞMAKSAN; our goal is within awareness of our responsibility to the environment, protecting the environment from the possible effects of our products and services, creating programs for this purpose, improving our environmental performance continuously by setting goals and objectives, using our resources without disturbing natural balances and without polluting by complying with the relevant environmental legislation.

In order to protect the environment in line with this principle, Yağmaksan has determined the following headings:

  • Minimizing waste, preventing pollution at its source and reducing negative impacts on the environment,
  • Ensuring the application of production technologies that will least harm the environment to the extent permitted by economic and commercial opportunities by continuously improving the performance of the environmental management system, and highlighting environmentally friendly practices in production processes,
  • Guarantee the health and safety of all employees, people living in the environment, animals and plants,
  • Using natural resources such as raw materials, energy, fuel and water in the most efficient way possible,
  • Removing wastes generated as a result of its activities in a controlled manner and in accordance with their characteristics, and to ensure the recycling of wastes that are possible to be recycled,

Announcing our environmental policy to our customers, suppliers, employees and all interested parties, to keep it open and to contribute to the creation of environmental awareness in related parties.