Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy

YAĞMAKSAN CORPORATION, regardless of its position within the organizational structure, no one can go beyond our policies and adopts the following principles:

  • Ensuring confidentiality and impartiality of customer products and services including also customer property opinion statement within the conditions and processes of management systems,
  • Not sharing corporate information obtained from customers with other similar customers and not to provide commercial interest,
  • Complying with the principles of trueness, honesty, justice and generally accepted morals in our commercial activities,
  • Not harming the environment during our commercial activities,
  • Protecting the rights of the partners and being honest with them,
  • Not to compromise on quality in product and service sales,
  • Aiming to satisfy the customer satisfaction and needs from the sale of products and services,
  • Not making promises contrary to fact in the sale of goods and services,
  • Remaining loyal to our contracts with customers,
  • Not to compromise the principle of trueness and honesty against other companies that we buy and sell products and services, and to remain loyal to contracts,
  • Not entering unfair competition,
  • Not making tax evasion,
  • Not misleading the government in the firm's financial reports.

All our business partners and employees working with Yagmaksan can reach us at and send us all kinds of suggestions and complaints.