Our company which acts with the principle of "Human at First" at every stage of production and management commits;

Importance of Not Employing Child Labor

Acting in accordance with the principles of employing children and young workers. Not employing workers under the age of 18,

Prevention of Forced and Mandatory Labor

Not to employ forced, involuntary workers or workers that bound with contract,

Ensuring Occupational Health and Safety

Adopting a proactive approach based on risk analysis and adopting a working system that prioritizes occupational health and safety for all employees,

Prevention of Discrimination

To employ employees on the basis of their ability to perform work; to not employ employees by race, color, language, ethnicity, political opinion, marital status, age, pregnancy or gender; also realising remuneration, social assistances and promotions in this direction,

Discipline / Prevention of Maltreating and Harassment

Respecting the personality and dignity of each employee, not allowing corporate punishment, and not allowing verbal, physical or psychological harassment or coercion,

Determination of Working Hours

Complying with the laws and obligations in force in the determination of working hours and complying with the principle of volunteering for overtime,

Prevention of Environmental Pollution

Complying with environmental legislation in force, preventing environmental pollution according to environmental extent and impact assessment and reducing pollution at its source,

Compliance with Customs Legislation

Complying with all applicable local and international legislation on customs, taking measures compatible with these legislation and taking measures to prevent illegal shipment of the products it produces,

Taking Security Measures

Ensuring that there are no unreported goods (narcotic drugs, explosives, biological substances and contraband goods) in their loading that violate security,

Relations with Suppliers

Evaluating the social compliance activities of the supplier companies, monitoring the evaluation results with action plans and gradually increasing the social compliance levels,

Management System

Conducting, maintaining and improving the social compliance, occupational health and safety and environmental management activities under a management system that complies with laws in force and regulations and customers' code of conduct and SA 800 Management System Standard that voluntarily applied.